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The 2017 happy journey of Damin auto parts employees

    08-10-2017 08:00

            September autumn, is the harvest season, all the staff in the Damin auto parts carry out a special team of real field in Guangzhou. As soon as we came to the field base, we changed into field equipment immediately. All of them were vigorous and ready to enter the tense fighting state at any time. A hail of bullets, battlefield of reproduction, we experience the field every moment of thrilling,butalso improve the sense of teamwork and cooperation in the fierce battle that only work together can invincible.
            Wearing camouflage clothing, wearing protective glasses, do a big job, this kind of feeling on the battlefield is really exciting, this is our crazy day, a memorable day, a happy day. In the work of serious, entertainment relax, this is our staff in mental state. This activity enhanced our sense of belonging to the company, enhance the work of fighting, we more actively involved in work, let us work together to create a fruitful in the Damin auto parts!